How to purchase quality pearls

Mikimoto Strand and Earring set

Mikimoto Strand and Earring set

Huntsville Jeweler – how to purchase pearls? Pearl Quality determines price as do the following:


Mikimoto pearls are the finest quality pearls in the world.  Mr. Mikimoto created the first cultured pearls. In fact, Mikimoto, uses  only the top 5 percent of Pearls based on quality. If the pearls do not meet, Mikimoto’s, standards then they are actually burned.

Pearl strand price is graded on the following factors:

Consistency of color
Consistency of size
Consistency of shape
Consistency of luster

Sorting pearls is a very tedious job which takes a keen eye, and years of experience to correctly spot which pearls are perfect matches to create a valuable strand.

And, even then, each strand is graded from A to AAA quality, with AAA being the best and thus the most valuable and rare.

Remember,  Mikimoto “Sea Magic” pearls are not the same quality as true, Mikimoto, fine jewelry pearls. This is why chain stores such as, Kay Jewelers, and Zales diamond stores offer them at a lower price. When purchasing jewelry, pearls and engagement rings, as with all things, one gets what they pay for,

For more information about purchasing and inquiries about fine pearls please feel free to email or call. It’s always fun to help.

Patrick White


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